Volunteered Papers

Volunteered Papers / Bibliographies / Links / Audio Clips

The following papers, which vary in topic, length, style, and so on, have been graciously offered to the MayDay Group for public use. The MayDay Group does not explicitly endorse the views of the authors.

Benedict, Cathy. “Multiple intelligences, national music standards and professional beliefs

Bowman, Wayne. “Why Do Humans Value Music?”

Connor, Steven. “What if there were no such thing as the aesthetic?”

Fiske, Harold. “Five questions for Edwin Gordon and Bennett Reimer”

Gates, J. Terry. “International Theorizing in Music Education: The MayDay Group and Its Agenda”

Joas, Hans. “Action Is the Way in Which Human Beings Exist in the World”

Maattanen, Pentti. “A Pragmatist’s Notion of Work of Art: A foundation for the AWE- Group (Artist, Work-of-Art, Experience)”

Regelski, Thomas. “Critical Theory and Praxis: Professionalizing Music Education”

Regelski, Thomas. “Implications of Aesthetic versus Praxial Philosophies of Music for Curriculum Theory in Music Education”

Regelski, Thomas. “Telling of “Untold Tales”: Correcting the ‘Story’ Told of The MayDay Group”

Roberts, Brian. “The Parable of the Berlin Wall: Barriers to Curriculum Development in Music Education”

Do you have a paper you would like to contribute? Send it to Janice Waldron, who will forward it to the Steering Committee for discussion.