Action for Change in Music Education

“Action for Change” (1997) [click here] stands as the original articulation of the aims and key questions—the Action Ideals—that arose from the founding of the MayDay Group.

In 2011, find at MayDay Group Colloquium 23 in Salt Lake City, a committee was formed to undertake a revision of the Action Ideals in order to renew a fresh commitment to the challenges presented by the educational and social realities of the 21st century. Brent C. Talbot and Thomas B. Malone were selected to focus and re-shape this key document in a way that retained the revolutionary spirit of the original, but with a greater awareness of language inclusivity, identity constructions, as well as the increased role that technology and internet based media play in contemporary life among musicians and teachers. A call for volunteers was issued at Salt Lake City. Vincent Cee and Ben Hawkins were added as two additional members of the committee that proceeded to develop a draft document.

Prior to Colloquium 24, a call for additional input was made to both the MDG steering committee and the membership at large. Marie McCarthy, Hildegard Froehlich, David Elliott, Deborah Bradley, Terry Gates, and Tom Regelski helped to provide additional feedback.

In May of 2012 an initial draft of the new document was sent to the membership by email and publicly presented by Brent Talbot, Vincent Cee, and Tom Malone (via Skype) at Michigan State University in a session entitled “Discussion of Revision of MayDay Group Ideals.” Brent Talbot used this information to coordinate a second round of edits with Karen Salvador, Aaron Wolf, Vincent Bates, Danny Bakan, and William Pinar.

In light of the climate crisis, Ideal IX was developed over the course of 2017-2018 and feedback was recieved from the membership throughout 2018-2019. The purpose of this ideal is to draw attention toward ecological matters and the need for sustainability while also reframing the issue beyond anthropocentric optics. In early 2020, the Steering committee voted to fully adopt the ecologically-directed action idea.