Newsletter (August, 25, 2022)

Voting was open for two at-large positions and nominations are open for the MDG Colloquium Coordinator. Read on below to learn more! Feel like you can’t donate your time? Consider making a donation to the MayDay Group todaåy.

A position statement on accessibility and equity in conference participation has been crafted by some MDG members. Please see the statement here. Signatures are being collected for this initiative. Please sign here if you would like to support it:

In this newsletter, there are also a number of calls for conferences and workshops. Read on for details.


  • Reminder: VOTE for MayDay Group Steering Committee at-large positions
  • Nominations are open for MayDay Group Colloquium Coordinator
  • Donate to the MayDay Group today!

Conferences, Workshops, & Calls

  • Berklee Music Education and Special Needs Study Group
  • Co-Op Scholarship: Collaboration in Music, Games, and Play
  • Mountain Lake Colloquium 2023
  • Pennsylvania Music Educators Association – PMEA Call for Research 2023 PMEA Call for Research
  • North Carolina Music Educators Association Conference 2022 – Music Research Nexus
  • Georgia Music Educators Association In-Service Conference

Position Vacancies

  • Assistant Professor of Music Education – Cal Poly Ponoma
  • Assistant Professor of Sound Studies/Music – Manhattan College

Read the full newsletter here:

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