YouTube is now the music listening medium for teens

This is a phenomenon that Danny Bakan and I revealed in our 2011 publication with the UNESCO E-Observatory Journal

I’ve been using YouTube to teach guitar, medicine and to learn some guitar licks and tunes, for over two years. Also, some of the best music videos of great performances are archived on YouTube. Just do a YT search for Jimmy Raney and Attilla Zoller to sample some of the unique music that can be seen on YT.

Also, if you’re on FaceBook, Afro-Cuban conga and trumpeter Jerry Gonzales, leader of the Fort Apache Band, regularly posts and digs up amazing video clips of some of the best Afro-Cuban music available on the www.


One thought on “YouTube is now the music listening medium for teens

  1. It appears there is a pressing need for more experimental research on the reception of music with different kinds of accompanying visual images, since Youtube enables anyone to create and post videos with seemingly infinite possibilities for creative combinations of sound and image. Also, it will be very interesting to see how the highly controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership develops (as revealed on Wikileaks), and the various ways that Youtube-using musicians devise strategic resistance to TPP as the “powers that be” continue pushing forward with this potentially oppressive initiative.

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