Digital Media in Music EducationeColumns

Digital media (music) and the creative economy

Closely related to the themes introduced in Thessaloniki at theĀ ISME MayDay Symposium, on Music Education and The Creative Economy, I invite you to read this Canadian authored report. Note that music is discussed in two distinct sections, recording and performance, as well as in interdisciplinary contexts, which is significant on a number of levels. Of particular interest is the lack of discussion of the role of K-12 education, as it is not very well researched at all on that level.

A future post will include a copy of the papers that Scott Goble, Daniel Johnson, and I presented in that cavernous concert hall in early July 2012.

So, what is the role of music education in digital music making and recording contexts?

I look forward to discussion on this innovative and timely topic.


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