Interested in the Consortium for Research in Equity in Music Education?

CREME was originally conceived to be a consortium of institutions (please see prior post); however, nurse it has become clear that securing institutional affiliation is a bureaucratic nightmare at many schools. Thus, at the CREME conference in October 2010, “Race, Erasure, and Equity in Music Education,” the Steering Committee (consisting of all conference attendees) agreed to restructure CREME such that it is now a consortium of individuals; at the conference, 73 people representing 30 institutions from throughout the world became affiliates. This number does not include the individuals who expressed interest in CREME at the Musica Ficta Conference in Toronto; they are currently being contacted to determine whether they would like to affiliate with the restructured consortium. CREME welcomes anyone who would like to become an affiliate.

Also, Julia Eklund Koza recently learned that there is a Barcelona –based corporation called Crème, which sells skateboards and sports apparel ; it recently established a Facebook page using the title “Crème International.” To avoid confusion, we have decided to drop “International” from our title; thus, we will simply be CRÈME (all letters capitalized).

If you are interested in the work that CREME undertakes and would like to join as an individual, please let me know!


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