Borders crossed

I felt I ought to update readers of my activities of recent months, to which I will at least party attribute my lack of attention to the site over the summer. In May I moved from Madison, Wisconsin, where I had lived and taught at the Univ. of Wisconsin for nearly 5 years, back to my home near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The cultural differences between the U.S. and Canada have been on my mind since my re-entry to Canada. Even small things like the procedure to change my driver’s license from Wisconsin to Ontario provided adventures that speak to cultural differences and societal expectations. As I prepare to teach courses at the University of Toronto, these cultural differences continue to raise questions for me.  One of the courses I am preparing to teach is titled Music Education in Cultural Perspective, designed for students in the music teacher education program. I suspect that over the coming weeks, the course and the discussions emerging from its readings may provide some interesting questions to wrestle with around the issue of cultural identity and curriculum. I look forward to sharing my musings on these and other issues.


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