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Students for a Change eColumn

Students for a Change is a place where music education undergraduate and graduate students can share ideas, observations, opinions, hopes, questions, successes, tips on getting through the degree, and ideas for needed change in music education. It is under construction for now, but check back later to see if it’s up and running.

Welcome to the new Mayday Group website!

Thanks to all who worked on the new Mayday Group website. It looks great! Now, I can resume writing about rural music education: I was watching a Henry Giroux video recently where he spoke with Bill Moyers ( about his new book,  Zombie Politics and Culture in the Age of Casino Capitalism. There is much that I agree… [ Read More >> ]

Community Music in the UK: Historical Perspectives

The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it (Marx, 1978). Community arts is, if nothing else, about change, and about using the Arts to achieve change (Webster, 1997). Community artists are distinguishable not by the techniques they use … but by their attitude towards the place… [ Read More >> ]

Rural Community

One of the greatest advantages/positives/joys about teaching in small rural communities is the sense of community. Of course, one could argue that community can be found anywhere, not just in rural places. And, that is true. However . . . if we follow one of the founders of sociology, Ferdinand Tönnies’ definition of community, rural places… [ Read More >> ]

Ethos Rural Music Education Program

I came across this article about a rural music education program in Oregon. I have mixed feelings, of course. The author, James Bash, writes: ”If you ever grew up out in the middle of nowhere, you might have an understanding of how hard it is to acquire a music education. Some small towns might still have a church… [ Read More >> ]

So Long Joe Bageant

I was saddened to learn last week that Joe Bageant, author of Deer Hunting with Jesus, Rainbow Pie, and a whole bunch of critical essays, had passed away. His straight-forward critiques of unsustainable modernity (from a rural perspective) are priceless. His essays can be accessed in pdf form at: Of course, I say that his was a rural,… [ Read More >> ]

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